​     Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) is a unique organization, pulling together Veterans and people who support their issues into one united group.  "Together Always"  is the motto of this organization.

     AVVA was born NOT​ an auxiliary. It is a 501-c Nonprofit Veterans Service Organization. The most significant advantage we have is that we are made up of veterans and non-veterans from all walks of life; working together for common goals. Because of our status, we are allowed to lobby Congress regarding pending or suggested legislation, and we often do.

     AVVA was born out of people who wanted to support the actions and causes of the Vietnam Veterans of America, whose main motto is :       " Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another".​ AVVA is made up of members who are Veterans from all eras, military personnel and their families, families and friends of Vietnam Veterans, and community members who want to help support the needs and issues of all Veterans. In short, AVVA is anyone and everyone who wishes to work towards these goals.

​Be sure you mail your application to the below address:

Working in conjunction with the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) to ensure that Vietnam Veterans, as well as ALL veterans, attain the honor, respect, and benefits they deserve.​

​About AVVA


A Non-Profit Veterans Organization Charted by Congress

Why Join AVVA

     Being a member of AVVA gives you the fellowship in which to accomplish all manner of tasks and programs that support the needs of our Nation's Veterans. Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America members walk the halls of Congress supporting Veterans related legislation, and promote programs and events. You can be a part of that on a local level.

     If you look at our programs you will see that AVVA is hard at work, helping to improve the circumstance of Veterans and their families in both large and small ways. Our Service Officer Program adds experienced personnel to help with the huge number of claims for Veterans and their survivors, at no cost to them; our VISTA Program encourages "giving back" to local communities and tracks the 1000's of hours of Volunteeer work by our members throughout the country: Paper Safes give Veterans a means of making life less stressful for their family and friends in a time when things can be very chaotic, again, at no cost to the Veteran. AVVA gives grants to organizations helping homeless Veterans, and supports ebucational programs regarding the effects of Agent Orange and other dioxins.

     When you join AVVA you join a family that stretches across this country, whose common goal is to help this nation's promises to our VETERANS.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Chapter 1104  Fort Harrod Patriots

​Assocate Vietnam Veterans of America

Attn: Kathy Mattingly

Post Office Box 675

​Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40330

MEMBERSHIP FORMS can be downloaded (blank) for later use, printed (blank) for hand-filling, or can be filled out online, and printed as a finished document. ( The filled form cannot be saved on your hard drive. It can only be saved as a blank.)


 Also you may go to  AVVA website to download Membership Form. www.avva.org/forms.html